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Enjoy your time as a pregnant woman. May only beauty and peace surround you. Relax, take some weight off your feet and drink a big glass of water while Baby Bot takes care of the rest.
Here at Baby Bot we assemble all the goods you need for your birth by putting together lovely 'ready-to-go' hospital packages for woman giving birth, providing you with more time to enjoy the beauty of life. We know how time consuming and exhausting it can be shopping for a birth. Not to mention how confusing it can be sifting through all the different brands on offer. We have selected all our products with much care. Order today and take advantage of our free delivery. We deliver to your door anywhere in Cape Town.
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Too Tired To Deep Clean?
During the final stages of pregnany, simply standing, can be a chore. Here at Baby Bot we offer a pre-birth deep cleaning service. We also offer pre-move-in cleaning services and carpet cleaning services. Contact us today for a quote.
Freezer Stocking For Your Postpartum Period
Baby Bot has a qualified chef with 10 years of experience on board. We prepare home cooked freezer meals for you to heat at your convenience. No dishes, no mess, no fuss. If you don't have time to stock your freezer, contact us for our Family Meal Menu. All our meals are home made, preservative and sugar free with no grease.
Baby Food! Did You Know?
South Africa's leading baby food contains Genetically Modified Maize and Cane Sugar? If you don't have time to cook your baby home made meals contact us for a consultation. We cook fresh baby food and freeze it in sealed containers to reheat at your own convenience. There is no substitute for fresh food. 
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